Among the many heartbreaking things that took place over the course of Rescue Me’s run is what happened to Sheila’s son Damian. Hearing that actor Michael Zegan is set to play a role on AMC’s The Walking Dead, I can only hope his character has a better fate when he appears in the series.

As a fan of Rescue Me, I’m actually loving this news, as it means maybe I'll no longer associate the actor with what happened to his Rescue Me character toward the end of the series. According to Entertainment Weekly Zegen will play the role of Randall in the AMC zombie series. If you’re a fan of the graphic novel on which the series is based, you may not recognize the name. Apparently, this is a new character to the story.?He’s described as “a skinny Southern kid who finds himself in a rather unique set of post-apocalypse circumstances.” That’s pretty vague, but it’s all we have to go on for now.

Zegen’s other credits include Adventureland and The Girl Next Door, however his most recent role had him playing the son of Sheila (Callie Thorne) on Rescue Me. As mentioned above, things didn’t turn out well for him. It’s good to know we’ll be seeing him back on TV at some point. The Walking Dead returns for Season 2 on October 16th.

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