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Rescue Me Season 7 Preview: The Final Season

With the seventh and final season of Rescue Me set to premiere next month, I think it may be time to revisit Season 6 and make sure I’m all caught up and ready for whatever Season 7 has in store for us. For those of you already caught up and itching for the new season to begin, we have FX’s latest Rescue Me promo and some photos from the premiere episode.

Rescue Me follows a group of FDNY firefighters as they deal with the challenges that come with running into burning buildings and dealing with other horrific catastrophes, along with their own personal issues. Comedian/actor Denis Leary plays Tommy Gavin, an alcoholic firefighter with a lot of personal issues, including the occasional hallucination.

There’s a part of me that can’t believe Rescue Me is coming to an end, and then another part of me that understands that it’s really time for the show to wrap up. Tommy Gavin’s been through enough over the course of the first six seasons. Is it too much to hope that the man find some balance and maybe even real happiness (and not the kind that comes in a bottle)?

The video below embraces the emotional turmoil quite nicely, I think.

Rescue Me Season 7 premieres Wednesday, July 13 at 10:00 PM ET/PT on FX.

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