Last week's episode of Revenge ended with a game-changer that will hopefully put the story back on track. Emily now knows who killed her father, but what will she do with the information? The description for tonight's episode, "Absolution" gives us a clue as to what's ahead. And we have some clips from the episode, one of which includes a very tense scene between Emily and someone else.

The Tyler story seems like it's finally wrapping up. The end is in sight. At least, I think it is. I hope it is. It was a good distraction to fill out the season, but after last week's episode ending, during which we learned that Conrad had David Clarke murdered, I doubt I'm alone in hoping to see Emily's attention focused more on her vengeance schemes. This clip suggests she's got her eye on the prize once again. Unfortunately, it also suggests another possible rift between Emily and Nolan.

Poor Nolan. Unless he's faking it, and I really don't believe he is, he seems to have a genuine loyalty to Emily's father. It's also worth noting just how amazingly sneaky Emily is, placing that call to Nolan while she as right near his office, knowing he'd go straight for the diary. Love it.

The other clip gives us some indication that Ashley's ready to move on…

I really don't believe Ashley's going anywhere anytime soon. Victoria seems determined to keep her around. I love the tension between these two and the barely veiled distaste for one another. Ashley knows she's inches away from not needing Victoria anymore, but either she' not brave enough to turn her back on the woman just yet, or she think it's worth it to keep things on pretend-good terms with Victoria, knowing she might need her at some point down the line. Either way, as much as I dislike Ashley, I can't wait to see where this is going.

And here's the promised episode description, which offers hints at the press issues, problems with Grayson Global, and a mystery woman…
"Absolution" - The impending release of Daniel has everyone on edge as the press grows more and more hostile; the SEC begin their investigation on Grayson Global; and Emily discovers a new photo taken of her father on the day of his death, leading her to more clues about how he died -- and also to a mystery woman and an ominous new target -- on Revenge, WEDNESDAY, MAY 2 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network.

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