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Revenge Preview Teases A Wedding And A Dangerous Boat Ride

Tonight Revenge fans won’t get their weekly dose of the Amanda/Emily saga, thanks to the Super Bowl dominating the Sunday night airwaves. However, when the show returns to ABC’s schedule on February 10, Revenge has some big surprises for viewers, including a wedding and a honeymoon that doesn’t look like it will end well. There are a few big spoilers in the preview, so don’t continue if you want the show's upcoming episodes to be a surprise.

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The clip first focuses on Emily Thorne, who has really lost more than she has gained in her quest to get even with her enemies. Key to this is Jack, Emily’s first love from her childhood, who is now marrying the Amanda Clarke imposter Emily planted to throw people off her scent. Not only has fake Amanda already had Jack’s baby, she now wants to live out Emily’s fairytale. Obviously, this is going to be tough for Emily to deal with, but Jack and Amanda marrying will be the least of the spoilers when Revenge returns. Once the two are married, they find themselves in danger and stuck in the middle of the ocean without anyone to help them. Can Emily save the day? Will she lose someone she loves?

Happiness is always short-lived on Revenge and it should be no surprise that just after Amanda and Jack are married, something dark will occur. While the end of the clip says “Feb. 17,” Revenge will actually return to ABC’s schedule next week, which is good, since the upcoming drama seems like the most exciting plotline to go down on the program since Victoria returned from the dead.

Revenge airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET.

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