Revolution Adds Jessica Collins And Patrick Heusinger For Season 2

NBC’s Revolution is one of only a couple of the network’s freshman series that escaped the scrap heap at the end of the spring season. Now that Revolution is absolutely and certainly returning for a second season at the network, the program is gearing up for the new season by signing on a few new additions. The drama following life after electricity has signed on Patrick Heusinger and Jessica Collins for Season 2.

Collins was the first announced and her story arc seems to be pretty big. She may, in fact, help to fill the niche formerly occupied by Nora (Daniella Alonso) last season. According to Deadline, Collins has signed on to play Cynthia, a smart and strong woman who will have a romantic relationship with one of the leads on the show. Cynthia is already set to appear in the first four episodes of Revolution’s second season, and her status on the show is described as a “major recurring role.”

Following Collins’ casting was Heusinger’s, which THR first announced on Tuesday. According to the outlet, Heusinger has signed on to guest star in the series, but his character should pop in and out of several episodes as his status as a guest character is also recurring. His character, Adam, is described as handsome and roguish, which is just the sort of character a dude with a frame like Heusinger’s should play. He's the sort of guy who is also described as a man who “lives life to the fullest.”

Revolution will need to sign on some characters for decently long arcs in Season 2. The show’s first season left the death toll pretty high for both major and minor characters, and while this has helped to shape the focus of the storyline somewhat, it also means that fans with have fewer characters to identify with in the new season. With all of the traveling involved in the series, it shouldn’t be difficult for the writers to find excuses to bring characters like Cynthia and Adam into the plotlines.


Neither Collins nor Heusinger are strangers to TV gigs. Collins had big roles in Rubicon and The Nine, and has also guest starred on several prominent programs, including Person of Interest, CSI, Blue Bloods, and The Good Wife. Heusinger has appeared in Royal Pains, and was initially slated to star in the defunct Beautiful People project, as well as Lifetime’s drama, Witches of East End, but in the latter his role was given to Eric Winter after the pilot.

That may be bad news, but at least it led to the Revolution gig. We’ll see what the two actors bring to the table when Revolution returns to NBC’s schedule on Wednesday, September 25 at 8 p.m. ET.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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