Revolution Animated Webisode: Watch It Here

Much concern has been brought up by fans and critics alike over whether or not NBC can maintain interest in its freshman drama with a multiple-month hiatus. Now, NBC has plans in the works to produce animated webisodes of Revolution for fans who have been missing their regular Monday night programming.

Revolution is set to return to NBC’s schedule on March 25, and in the interim, six animated webisodes will be produced. According to EW, the first episode is available starting today on sites as varied as, Hulu, YouTube, and even On Demand. One new webisode will post every week until February 18. You can check out the first webisode, below.

The webisode is only a couple of minutes long, and focuses on Joseph Wheatley, a corporal in the militia who appeared in the non-animated version of the series., as well. While the animation is not spectacular, it does give fans a look into the world created for Revolution from a totally unique viewpoint. Wheatley is writing his story through letters, and he has an ax to grind.

As if that weren’t enough, fans can now view the pilot episode, with commentary from creator Eric Kripke and Jon Favreau, who directed the pilot. NBC seems to know exactly what it will take to keep fans invested over the long haul, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we heard about more marketing efforts in the future.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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