In case you weren't aware, there's just one episode left of Revolution for this year, after which fans will have to wait months for the series to return for the remainder of its first season. What are the odds that things are going to leave off in a good place this Monday night? Probably slim to none, as everyone loves a good cliffhanger, right? Check out the preview for the fall finale of NBC's new drama here.

Per the schedule NBC released last month, Revolution won't return from the winter hiatus until March 25, arriving just in time for the Season 4 premiere of The Voice. So be sure to savor this Monday night's episode, because it's the last you'll see of the series for a few months. Here's the preview NBC released for the fall finale of Revolution.

"My family for your wife."

Well, there's a reasonable trade! Swords, guns, explosions, helicopters and that damned pendant are all featured in the teaser, as well as what appears to be a reunion for Charlie and Danny and a possible deal between Miles and Monroe. Is the series going to leave us hanging with Miles trading himself for his family? That could leave the rest of the season to have Charlie and Danny trying to get Miles back. Wouldn't that be interesting…

Revolution's "Nobody's Fault But Mine" episode airs this Monday (Nov. 26) at 10:00 p.m. ET on NBC.

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