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Nestor Carbonell has hopped from one TV project to the next over the years, with a few film appearances thrown into the mix, including the part of the mayor in The Dark Knight. The actors recent roles include playing Richard Alpert on Lost, and most recently, FBI agent Victor Machado on the CW’s Ringer. While the fate of the Sarah Michelle Gellar series hangs in the balance, Carbonell may have his next gig lined up already.

According to TV Line, Carbonell has been cast in a role in ABC’s comedy pilot The Smart One. The project stars Portia de Rossi and Malin Akerman as two sisters who are described as polar opposites. De Rossi plays Judge, “the Smart one,” while Akerman plays Candy, “the Dumb One.” Carbonell is set to play Jude’s ex, “Jude’s ex, a wealthy real estate developer who has a Moonlighting-type relationship with her.”

If you're wondering what this means for Carbonell’s role on Ringer, this ABC pilot, in which he’s credited as a guest star, is in second position to the Smart One role, which means if Ringer returns for Season 2 (and assuming Victor Machado is still alive and a part of the story), he’ll stick with the CW series.

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