Could Robin Williams be returning to television in a new series? If talks with CBS go well for a new David E. Kelley project, it could become a reality. Williams would be back to television comedy after three decades away, and Kelley isn’t a bad choice for a comeback partner.

CBS is reportedly looking at a currently untitled single-camera workplace comedy that would star Robin Williams as an ad executive who works with his daughter, says Deadline. Williams hasn’t led a series since Mork and Mindy thirty years ago, instead moving on to a long career in movies that has had its ups and downs. He’s come a long way since playing Mork in the series that wrapped in 1982 – he’s even picked up an Oscar along the way for Good Will Hunting.

The untitled comedy comes from TV legend David E. Kelley, who was behind shows like The Practice, Ally McBeal and Harry’s Law. His series have picked up a long list of Emmys, and Williams couldn’t really choose a bigger name in television to work with than Kelley. He’s already written the script and CBS is showing interest.

The timing could be good for Robin Williams to return, although I can’t say I can see him as a high-powered ad executive. Maybe that’s because I can only picture Don Draper when I think about the field. Williams would without a doubt be the anti-Draper, and comedy is by far what he does best. His name alone should carry enough weight to give this project a serious shot at a pilot at the very least.

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