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Among the series promoted at Comic-Con earlier this month is Syfy's Helix, a new series from Battlestar Galactica's Ronald D. Moore, which was featured in a panel, though it technically hadn't begun production. That situation has changed as of this week, as the series has officially gone into production this past weekend in Montreal, Canada. And as you can see by the clapboard below, the premiere episode is being directed by Friday Night Lights' Jeffrey Reiner.

Helix clapboard

Helix is executive produced by Ronald D. Moore. Cameron Porsandeh wrote the pilot and will serve as co-executive producer for the series, which is being run by Steven Maeda (Lost, The X-Files), who is executive producing as well, along with Linda Obst. The 13-episode drama is described as an intense thriller about a team of scientists working for the Centers for Disease Control. They're tasked to travel to a high-tech research facility somewhere in the Arctic to investigate a possible disease outbreak. At some point, they end up pulled into a terrifying life-and-death struggle that could hold the key to mankind's salvation. Or its total annihilation. That may be a toss-up depending on what this team does to deal with the situation. And it sounds like this lethal threat is just the start of something bigger: "As the virus evolves, the chilling truth begins to unravel." Chilling truth in the Arctic? I get it!

The Killing's Billy Campbell plays Dr. Alan Farragut, the leader of the CDC outbreak field team that's sent into a potential "hot zone" in the Arctic research facility. Hiroyuki Sanada plays Dr. Hiroshi Hataki, the director of the outpost and the mysterious viral research program.

Here's the list of other characters and who they're played by:

Dr. Julia Walker - Kyra Zagorsky (Soldiers of the Apocalypse)
Major Sergo Balleseros - Mark Ghanime (Emily Owens, M.D.)
Dr. Sarah Jordan - Jordan Hayes (House at the End of the Street)
Daniel Aerov - Meegwun Fairbrother
Dr. Doreen Boyle - Catherine Lemieux (White House Down)
Dr. Peter Farragut - Neil Napier (Riddick)

Though we only have the general premise to go on, the project doesn't sound all that similar to Battlestar Galactica, the series best associated with executive producer Ronald D. Moore. When he spoke to the press at Comic-Con, Moore talked about not being much of a hospital or medical show kind of guy, but from the sound of it, there's some character drama that will be explored, and that's certainly in Moore's wheelhouse.

There's no premiere date set for Helix, but I'm thinking Syfy might want to get it on the air before next summer, which would explain why they'd start promoting the series at Comic-Con with a panel even before they'd actually started production. That's just a guess though. Check out our breakdown of the Helix panel here. And here's a look at the previously released teaser for Helix:

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