I’ve always been a fan of the David Spade-led comedy, Rules of Engagement. For some reason, however, perhaps due to a seemingly never-ending introduction to newer programming and the fact CBS has a tendency to switch the show around on its schedule, I have never been an avid watcher. Other viewers seem to be in the same boat, which means the show has never really found as wide of an audience as it probably deserves, even though it garners decent ratings. Despite wondering if Rules’ problems stem more from CBS and its desire to perpetually move the show around, I was still hoping the network would not give the show the ultimate middle finger and would instead give the show a thumbs up for Season 7.

Last week, when CBS announced its 2012-2013 season schedule, Rules of Engagement was left off the list. This was not too much of a cause to worry: Rules of Engagement began as a midseason replacement and subsequently premiered at the midseason mark during several of its seasons, so there was still hope we would get another late cycle of the show. After Season 6 began earning a 3.3 rating in the 18-49 demographic, THR is reporting CBS has decided to give the comedy another year of life.

This is great news for everyone involved. As THR noted, the show is close to the 100-episode syndication mark, which means CBS will be happy as a lark to be able to option the show after it ends its tenure. It’s also good news for Happy Madison Productions and David Spade, especially, who I’m certain doesn’t mind the paycheck. We’ll see where CBS finds room for the show on its midseason schedule, but until then, I’m still pretty happy about thirteen new episodes.

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