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It would certainly be bad news if Seth Meyers left Saturday Night Live, as the "Weekend Update" host is one of the more consistently funny things about SNL these days. But perhaps it's time for the sketch comedy series' head writer to move on up at NBC. Meyers is reportedly in line to succeed Jimmy Fallon if and when Fallon takes over for Jay Leno on The Tonight Show.

NY Post reported the update, stating that a source says Seth Meyers will move into Jimmy Fallon's late-night slot when Fallon assumes the hosting responsibilities of Jay Leno on The Tonight Show.
A source told us, “Lorne Michaels wants Seth to take over from Fallon. It would be perfect for him. Tina Fey’s name had also come up, but she has said she was too busy to do it.”

Wouldn't it be great if it was actually Tina Fey and Seth Meyers? Or Amy Poehler and Meyers. Or really any combination of those three funny people? Even if it only turned out to be Meyers, it would still be great news, even if it means he has to leave SNL. Meyers joined SNL more than a decade ago as a writer and eventually went on to replace Tina Fey at the "Weekend Update" desk, hosting the weekly segment alongside Amy Poehler. Since Poehler's departure, Meyers has handled the gig solo, and he's done a great job of it. His signature smirk would serve him well with snarky opening monologues in a late night talk show, I think.

Of course, none of this is confirmed by NBC. But there have been enough reports and rumors this week to suggest that some major changes are in the works. If the reports are true, Fallon would take over The Tonight Show by 2014 and the talk show, which currently films in Los Angeles, would move to New York, which is where Fallon films Late Night. Assuming Late Night (or whatever Meyers' show is titled) stays in New York, that would keep both former SNL stars in the Big Apple.

The next major question is, if Meyers' gets his own talk show, who will take over for "Weekend Update" on SNL?