In ABC's Scandal, the term torture might typically be used to describe Olivia's passionate on/off affair with President Fitz. They obviously love each other but they can't be together. Those longing looks and passionate spats in the rose garden are pure torture! Well, the sneak peek at the upcoming new episode takes torture to a slightly more literal level. Spoilers ahead!

Before the winter hiatus, Scandal left off with Huck being hauled off due to his suspected involvement in the assassination attempt on President Fitzgerald. What works so well about this suspenseful arc is that it's not as cut and dry as Huck being framed. There are other factors at work, including Supreme Court Justice Verna and the ambitious Vice President Sally Langston.

As if it's not bad enough that Huck is caught and being tortured, the Vice President is pushing the situation further because she's anxious to get herself (permanently) into the oval office and secure her presidency. From Verna's arrival at the end of the video, it looks like Olivia's about to be brought up to speed on what's really going on here. Hopefully whatever information Verna gives her will allow Olivia to get Huck out of there before he's pushed past the breaking point.

I can't wait for the president to wake up - and hopefully that happens soon.

Scandal's "One for the Dog" airs Thursday, January 10 on ABC.

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