Scandal Season 2, Episode 19: Watch The New Promo For Seven Fifty-Two

While last night's episode of Scandal was a repeat, we did get a new promo for the next new episode. The video above reminds us that there are just three new episodes before the season finale. And unfortunately there are two weeks before those episodes begin rolling out. The new promo for "Seven Fifty-Two" comes just a day after we shared some interesting new photos from the episode, which give us a look into the history of a certain character among Olivia's group of gladiators. Spoilers ahead!

The newest promo focuses heavily on Fitz's betrayal and Olivia having to deal with learning that he's been spying on her. It also looks like Mellie's very unhappy with how much time Fitz has been spending at Olivia's side, which would mean Fitz has two women very upset with him. Not good, even for the President.

The episode description for "Seven Fifty-Two" teases of an "emotionally charged conversation, unaware of the fact that someone could be watching." Also not good. Especially for the President. Is it Jake? I don't think he's aware of Fitz and Olivia's romantic relationship, though he might suspect it. What if he overhears something that tips him off that Olivia and the President were once intimate. Given his feelings for Olivia and the man's resources, there's no telling how he might react.

In other news - and here's where things get a bit more spoilery - it looks like we'll be treated to some Huck-related flashbacks. The photos we showed you yesterday show Huck long-haired, bearded and presumably homeless, sitting on a Metro platform. They also tease the guest appearance by Fringe's Jassika Nicole, who will factor into the situation somehow.

So there's plenty to look forward to when the series returns. But we have to wait until April 25 for that to happen.

Kelly West
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