Season 8 Of 24 To Take Place In New York

New York, New York; It’s a hell of a town. Or it will be for Jack Bauer as it looks like he’s going to be spending his next longest-day-ever there. That’s right, season 8 of 24 is set to take place in New York City. If you’ve been keeping up with the outstanding season that 24 is having right now then you already know the show moved from Los Angeles (where it spent it’s first six seasons) to our nation’s capital.

According to Entertainment Weekly’s Ausiello, season 8 will take place in New York. His sources confirmed that the relocation is taking place and that production for Day 8 gets underway next month. What’s more, CTU is coming back! Woohoo! Please let this mean they’ll return to using that classic ring I miss so much whenever someone calls someone else’s work-station within the office. It’s a silly thing to miss, I know but I’d love to have it back. Ausiello also added that the person running the NY CTU office is named Brian Hastings, though the character hasn’t been cast yet. There will also be two new twentysomething agents in addition to the return of Chloe (Mary Lynn Rajskub).

Jack Bauer in New York? Love it! It’s about time! Like so many other TV shows set in New York, 24 will be shot mostly in Los Angeles but there will be some NY location footage through in there for authenticity.

Kelly West
Assistant Managing Editor

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