Second Trailer For TRON: Uprising Showcases The Gorgeous Animation Inside The Grid

TRON: Uprising is an upcoming animated midquel coming to Disney XD this summer. The new television show is set between the previous Disney movies, 1982's TRON and 2010's TRON: Legacy, and will presumably serve as narrative connective tissue as well as its own series of adventures. And the cast that Disney has lined up for this new take on life in "The Grid" is almost as impressive as the beautiful computer animation. T:U's voice cast includes Elijah Wood and Mandy Moore as well as the man himself, Bruce Boxleitner on board to voice Tron. Here's the second look at the new series, the trailer released exclusively on EW's Inside TV. Or, you can check out the YouTube embed right here.

Produced by Disney Television Animation, TRON: Uprising follows a young program named Beck aka The Renegade (voiced by Wood) who leads the revolution against Clu inside the tyrannical, digitized world of The Grid. Here's the first teaser, it explains it all but with pictures. Really gorgeous, animated pictures.

And on top of debuting the second trailer for TRON: Uprising, EW also announced the series’ premiere date scheduled for Thursday, June 7 (on Disney XD), and that a special 'prelude' for the series will air almost a month prior on May 18 (on the Disney Channel). This prelude, or first episode, is called TRON: Uprising, Beck's Beginning and it introduces us to Beck, then just a mechanic living in a far corner of The Grid called Argon City. But after Clu's right hand man General Tesler derezzes Beck's best buddy Bodhi (whoa, say that three times fast), our hero sets out on a quest for justice that gets him trained by the legendary TRON and puts him in the driver seat as the unlikely leader of a new rebellion. Sounds great but can the story match the visuals?

TRON: Uprising premieres on Thursday, June 7 on Disney XD. TRON: Uprising, Beck's Beginning airs on Friday, May 18 on the Disney Channel. It stars Elijah Wood, Mandy Moore, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Lance Henriksen, Paul Reubens and Bruce Boxleitner.