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On The Set Of Community: Gillian Jacobs Talks Working With The Guest Stars Of Season 3

Earlier today I posted my video interview with the amazing Chevy Chase from the set of NBC’s Community. Towards the end of the video he called over to one of his co-stars to ask why he couldn’t tell me about a mysterious character named Torg and Gillian Jacobs entered the frame to explain that it was a secret. But that wasn’t all I got to see of Britta all day. I also had the chance to talk with her about the current season of Community.

In this week’s episode, titled “Studies in Modern Movement,” Annie is moving out of her crappy little apartment in the bad area of town and there to help her do so is Britta and the rest of the study group. During a scene that I got to watch them film, Britta gets in a tiny argument with Shirley, as she is wont to do, and, naturally, it ends with a great punchline that I will not spoi.

We sadly didn’t have that much time to talk, as she had to get back to set, check out my interview with Gillian Jacobs below in which she talks about the respect she gets (or, rather, doesn’t get) from co-star Chevy Chase and how Britta has grown this season.

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