Shameless Season 3 Finale Clips Reveal Celebrations And More Drama For The Gallaghers

Am I alone in feeling emotionally beat up after last night's episode of Shameless? Things have taken some dark turns this season, and based on the promo for next Sunday night's Season 3 finale, the hard times aren't over. But the Gallaghers are survivors, right? There's nothing they can't overcome. Or this is my lame attempt at being optimistic that somehow they're going to come out of this season on a positive note.

Speaking of positive notes, Lip is graduating! He's the first of the Gallaghers to get his diploma, and while he may seem a bit indifferent toward the accomplishment, Fiona isn't letting the occasion go uncelebrated…

It also looks like Frank found a way to celebrate with Lip also. Somehow, he managed to score the two of them a lobster dinner… with extra lobsters. The clip below has Lip discussing his plans, of which he has none.

Lip might not know what he wants to do, but it looks like Ian's made up his mind. Is he even old enough to enlist in the army? The decision may be fueled less by patriotism as it is a need to get out of town since Mickey went and got himself hitched. Poor Ian. That was just one reason to feel frustrated and sad for the Gallaghers during last night's episode. Things weren't looking so good for Jimmy either, the last we saw of him. And is it wrong that I sort of want Fiona to get together with Evan from Greek (Jake McDorman)? Her boss, Mike, seems almost too perfect, but really just the right amount of ideal. He was even completely understanding of Fiona cutting their steamy tent-time short when she realized what she was doing. Little does Fiona know, Jimmy's been keeping major secrets from her. But she's a better person for walking away, and Mike is ideal for not being angry about it.

Among the other unresolved issues is whatever aftermath might come from Lip confronting Mandy about what she did to Karen, and apparently - based on the promo - now we can add Frank's health issues to the drama. Normally, Frank having problems might not rank so highly, considering he's always having some kind of trouble or another, but he seems to be on a moral upturn these days, so I'm thinking his ailment will hit the family hard. And judging by the preview for the episode, it is for Fiona, who already has enough on her plate.

Shameless airs Sundays at 9:00 p.m. ET on Showtime. While the series may be wrapping up its third season this Sunday night, fans can rest assured, the series will be back for Season 4 next year.

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