Singer Jenni Rivera Signs On For ABC Comedy Project

ABC is hoping to capitalize on a prominent Mexican-American singer and songwriter with its newest project. The network has signed Jenni Rivera to star in the comedy project, which will implement her first name as a title. The singer and songwriter isn’t jumping into acting without any onscreen credits, however; she currently stars in the documentary reality series, I Love Jenni and had a small part in Filly Brown. Regardless, carrying a comedy is a different beast, and she’ll need some good writers to back her. Luckily, she should have them.

ABC’s project is being written by Family Matters producer Robert L. Boyett and Designing Women’s Robert Horn. The two men will also executive produce the project, and Rivera and her manager, Pete Saldago, will produce.

Jenni will follow Rivera as a single mother who attempts unusual parenting theories. According to Deadline, parenting is not the only thing Jenni has on her plate. She will also be balancing running a family business and taking care of extended family members who need her support. Jenni is described as a strong female character and a go-getter, and since it’s a comedy, it’s likely she has a funny bone, too.

I’m not sure if this one will make it to series, but its multicultural roots and its boisterous star—who has sold over 20 million albums worldwide—will certainly help Jenni’s prospects. TV Blend will keep you posted if this one moves forward in the pickup process.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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