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Tomorrow night, AMC will bring Small Town Security back for its second season. The exclusive clip above gives us a look at what's ahead for the guards of JJK Security, a local security company in Ringgold Georgia. It looks like Dennis is determined to turn the guards into an "elite force," but when he springs a drill on them, many fail to measure up as far as their observational skills go.

The video has Dennis surprising his guards by having them witness a bike theft. Afterward, they're tasked with describing the thief. An observant person would be able to get the basic details like hair color, clothing and a general build description, but for an untrained person, coming up with that basic description may be harder than it looks. Even so, four foot six?! "We need more training."

Small Town Security's second season promises "straight-up and serious security work, love triangles with a twist, sarcasm served over easy and a generous helping of stranger-than-fiction scatological humor that will draw you in and make you look away, all at the same time." Personality and character go a long way in making a great unscripted TV series - especially a workplace one. While the featured work is interesting from an outsider's perspective, I often find that the better reality series are the ones that feature people who are uninhibited and open to showing the cameras who they really are. Small Town Security strikes me as that kind of show, with those kinds of people.

But what do the locals think of the series? Are people put off by the behavior demonstrated on the show? Or do they love Joan, Dennis, Irwin and the other people featured on the series enough not to mind their candidness and liberal use of swearing? The video below shows the mixed reaction to the first season of Small Town Security.

Small Town Security Season 2 premieres Thursday, May 9 at 10/9c on AMC.

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