Smash is about to officially return to NBC’s schedule. Fans may have gotten a taste of Season 2’s spectacle and musical numbers just a few weeks ago, when the network previewed the first half of the expansive two-hour opening episode. With the full 2-hour episode on its way in February, NBC has released a special clip from the second half of the episode, showing the crew scrambling for a location to perform and more from Marilyn’s writers, director, and financier.

It should be noted, if you haven’t caught the first half of the premiere, the following sneak peek could very well leave you with a few spoilers and potentially no real idea of what is going on.

If the clip tells you anything, it’s that the tension is palpable. Artists can always be a little temperamental and with mixed reviews and no Broadway venue lined up, Julia, Tom, and Derrick are all a little antsy. I actually love the comedic side plotline where Julia hates reading reviews of her own work and hides from them around every turn. Smash is often more melodramatic than humorous, so I really appreciate when moments like that shine.

If you haven’t caught the preview and totally went against my advice and watched the clip anyway, you are still in luck. NBC has the full preview episode available to watch online. We’re only a week away from new episodes of Smash, so if you are willing to wait, you can catch new episodes starting on Tuesday, February 5 at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.

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