While it still seems like we have an eternity to wait for the fifth season of Sons of Anarchy, we now have a few tidbits about what’s ahead to think over, thanks to what Kurt Sutter shared at PaleyFest last night. This includes talk of a prequel series, which could be in the cards at some point down the line.

Deadline shared some of the highlights of the panel, including Sons of Anarchy showrunner’s thoughts on the idea of a prequel series that explores the earlier days of SAMCRO.
I had this notion of wanting to explore the first nine. I see it as a different show – not a continuation or another version of Sons of Anarchy but a more political and socially historical sort of show. I definitely have some interest in doing it. I’d like to explore it in some capacity.

From the sound of it, though, this would be a project save for after Sons of Anarchy wrapped up, and that may not be anytime soon. Sons has been renewed through Season 6, and Sutter has a three-year deal with FX for the series. So talk of a prequel is probably thinking a bit far ahead at this point.

In that context, talk of what’s ahead for the series when it returns next fall doesn’t seem all that premature. From what Deadline reported, the major arc for Season 5 will focus on Jax as leader of the club. That’s not all that spoilery, considering how Season 4 left off. It should be very interesting to see how Jax handles leadership, and “the loyalties of it and where people land,” as Sutter put it.

Another interesting tidbit shared involved David Hasselhoff’s role as the porn producer in Season 4. Apparently, Steven Tyler was set to play the part, but he got busy and Hoff ended up doing it.

Finally, Katey Sagal had some interesting things to say about being typecast as Peg Bundy, the TV role many associate her with.
“Peg gave me a career and I was truly grateful for it,” she said. “But when I did an arc on Lost, I had to go in and audition and fight my way in because so many people saw me as Peg.”

As much as I loved her in Married with Children, Sagal’s performance in Sons has been consistently fantastic. She’s certainly proven she’s more than just really funny.

Read Deadline's full breakdown of the panel here.

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