After an outstanding second season, Sons of Anarchy’s third season wobbled a bit. The initial plotline of Jax’s kidnapped baby was a solid launching point, and the club’s trip overseas and interactions with the IRA were interesting, but the season seemed to lose focus during its middle. Thankfully, it rallied with some surprises in its last few episodes and great finale. Now we’re only a week away from the fourth season Sons premiere, and an extended trailer for the show has popped up online, giving us a better look at what’s to come. (Minor spoilers if you’re not caught up yet.)

Unsurprisingly, things are not roses and rainbows for the guys of SAMCRO. While the events of last season brought them together by necessity, the tensions between club president Clay (Ron Perlman) and son-in-law/heir apparent Jax (Charlie Hunnam) are still simmering, and Jax still wants out. Wow, you’d have thought some time in prison to reflect on their differences would have done them good. Whether anybody can leave SAMCRO with their body and soul intact remains to be seen.

Don't worry, though, because Danny Trejo is playing a new character this season. And nothing bad has ever happened to any characters on screen with Danny Trejo*. Sons of Anarchy returns to FX next Tuesday, September 6th.

Except for all of them.

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