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Following Kurt Sutter’s short-lived tenure heading up the FX series The Bastard Executioner, the Sons of Anarchy creator has started work on an SOA spinoff in earnest. While we’ve known for a while that a potential project would follow the Mayans, the potential project wasn’t officially in development until today, when FX revealed the network has signed on for a script order for the project. The project is currently rolling with the title Mayans MC 

Like Sons of Anarchy, Mayans MC will obviously be a drama and it is moving forward over at FX Networks. It’s described as a “family drama,” as well as a drama that is also explaining how outlaws may live, this time “reflected through a Latino lens.” Since Kurt Sutter is a random white dude, the project has hired Elgin James to pen the script. The writer and director is mostly known for the indie flick Little Birds, but his background in a group—sometimes classified as a gang—known as FSU in Boston gives him more unique experiences in regards to the sort of lifestyle that the Mayans lead. In addition, his multi-racial background should help him to understand and flesh out the characters in ways that Kurt Sutter feels he cannot. Elgin James is also set to direct A Million Little Pieces

Elgin James and Kurt Sutter will both be listed as the co-creators of Mayans MC, per Variety.  The project is coming from Fox 21 Television Studios and FX productions. The project is clearly still a long way from heading to series, especially since a pilot has not even been ordered at this point, but sans Bastard Executioner (which was cancelled after one season) Kurt Sutter has had a pretty good track record with the network. (He also worked on The Shield.)

Initially, a Sons of Anarchy follow-up was going to be about John Teller and Piney, but that doesn’t seem to be the direction Kurt Sutter/ FX want to go in any longer. About six months ago, Kurt Sutter admitted that FX was more excited about putting together a Mayans spinoff. He also said at the time that he was the wrong person to write it, and that the network would look for a Latino writer. That seems to be what has happened with the script order, now. 

The Mayans Motorcycle Club played a role in the original Sons of Anarchy series, appearing in each of the series thanks to doing business and often having problems with SAMCRO. They are known for dealing in heroin and prostitution--both avenues which would likely be explored in a spinoff. While a lot of people were excited about the idea of a prequel, doing a series from the perspective of the Mayans means that potentially some characters from the original series could pop in and out a la Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad. Obviously, this will depend a lot on the timeline, and we’ll keep you updated as Mayans MC continues to move forward. 

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