You know, I don’t care if there is a joyous holiday this week that puts us with our families and friends for a time-honored American tradition. A week without Sons of Anarchy is a week without happiness for me, and I missed my patch-clad family this week. Thankfully, FX decided to reward fans for our patience with an exciting preview for next week’s episode, titled “You are My Sunshine.” Spoiler alerts from here on out, folks.

Last week’s episode left a wonderfully bad taste in my mouth, following SAMCRO’s execution of Gaalan and Clay’s giant neck. We’re two episodes away from the end of this sadistic and bloody roller coaster of a sixth season, and I have to assume the end game will revolve around Tara and what she tries to do with Thomas and Abel. And while this preview of course gives us a look at the club taking on multiple threats, it also gives us a hint as to where Tara’s mind might be.

D.A. Patterson mentions that Tara might go on the run with the boys, which probably means she didn’t take the deal ending with her giving up a bullet she took from Bobby, incriminating the club for the executions. Whether that’s because she chose to do it or had the bullet taken from her, we’re not sure. But you can be damned sure Jax will, at this point, put Tara under the ground sooner than he’d let anyone take his club or his sons away from him. Here’s hoping that happens. Not that I want this show to keep killing off its characters… just Tara.

We see the return of Marcus Alvarez, leader of the Mayans, who is seen talking to Nero. Bad beef in the past means more beef in the future. Meanwhile, we’ve got the Chinese holding Happy hostage again and pointing lots of guns around. In other words, it’s the same shit in Charming, just a different day. December 3, to be exact. When Jax says, “Don’t worry. It ends well,” I really don’t think he’s telling the truth.

If you’ve got an hour and a half, be sure to check out the installment below from Kurt Sutter’s video series WTF Sutter!?, which takes place at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences for An Evening With Sons of Anarchy, and features Sutter, director Paris Barclay and series regulars Katey Sagal, Dayton Callie, Maggie Siff and Jimmy Smits. Great stuff.

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