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Soup for you! Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi seems to have become just a little more friendly these days, joining a Seinfeld food cart that serves famous foods featured in episodes of the show, the piece de resistance being of course the coveted soup itself. The food truck recently popped up in New York, to the delight of the Seinfeld obsessed.

Among the foods available to try were muffin tops , black and white cookies, Junior Mints, Twix, and Snapple, according to The New York Observer. Larry Thomas, who played the Soup Nazi on the show, was on hand to spoon out the mulligatawny soup, in what appears to be a much less threatening manner than his character on the show. The Soup Nazi’s “No soup for you!” has become a phrase so well known that I have heard it used in much the same way as the old “Got milk?” slogan, with many different things in the place of the soup. The words are emblazoned across the top of the truck, making it hard to miss.

The Seinfeld food truck is making its way across the country on a tour, so it just might be serving you a bowl of soup and a tasty muffin top in the near future. You’ve got to be a pretty big fan to get all of the food references, but there are certainly no shortage of those. Jerry Seinfeld’s new web series, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, seems to be bringing back interest in the classic sitcom; the show about nothing that really turned out to be a show about creating new pop culture icons and buzzwords.