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Spartacus Season 3 Boot Camp Continues With Sit-Ups And Posture Dancing

The more we're shown of the Spartacus boot camp, the more I like to envision someone with access to all of the this cooking up an excellent 80's training montage, complete with gladiator-sized actors grunting through sit-up regimens and gorgeous Saxa-types carrying people, all in the name of getting into shape for the third season of Spartacus. Alas, that's just my own personal geeky fantasy. In absence of throwback to classic 80's cinema, we do have another new look at what's going on with the cast of the excellent Starz drama series. It involves sit-ups.

The Spartacus Facebook page has these filed under "The last of boot camp," so we may be looking at the last bit of behind-the-scenes training prep for Spartacus Season 3.

Gannicus is a man with many desires, any of which require staying in shape. Between his gladiator fighting, his position within the rebellion and his appetite for the ladies, physical fitness is necessary, and for actor Dustin Clare, washboard abs come at the cost of a lot of sit-ups (100 in a row!)

And in this photo, Daniel Feuerrigel, who plays the oft-playful but ever fierce Agron in the series is running while tethered to a massive weight.

Finally, Crixus has proven to be a fighter and a winner, but a leader? Not so much, at least not yet, anyway. But Manu Bennett clearly has leadership abilities, as demonstrated in this photo, which has the actor leading the cast and stunt team in a Haka, "a traditional Maori posture dance from New Zealand."

Wish we had some video of that. In the meantime. Crixus... those arms!

It looks like these guys are working really hard, and I'm sure the series will benefit from their efforts. Season 3 of Spartacus is set to return to Starz January 2013. For more looks at Spartacus boot camp, check here and here.