I’m thinking it will be very much “on” tonight as Spartacus: Vengeance draws to a close. It feels like only yesterday we were watching the rebels put some distance between themselves and the former house of Batiatus. Will Spartacus get his slice of vengeance tonight, at long last?

Episode photos (semi-spoilery) and a bit of random speculation ahead!

Glaber most certainly has it coming, but he and Ilithyia make such a lovely looking monster-couple, don’t they? It would almost be a shame to split them up just when they were finally starting to see eye to eye again. That’s the great thing about Spartacus. The “villains” aren’t painted as one-note bad-guys serving as opposition to the heroes. We spent a good portion of the season getting to know them as well as we get to know the rebels, which makes it difficult to let them go.

We’ll find out tonight if Ilithyia and Glaber survive the season. Some of the photos below reveal Ilithyia looking under the weather. Meanwhile, it’s clearly battle-time for the men.

What’s wrong with Ilithyia? And is the person Crixus has in his grasp anyone significant? Finally, as much as I sort of want to see Glaber survive, I’d love to see an epic fight between him and Spartacus. I also can’t wait to see if anyone takes down the Egyptian, and what becomes of Ashur. Will Lucretia get payback for what he’s been putting her through, or will that be held off until next season?

As for a random prediction, I hate to say it, but I think Mira may be one of the casualties of the finale. She and Spartaus sort of ended their romance, but it's clear they have feelings for one another. I'm predicting she ends up dying trying to protect him somehow. If she does go, I hope it's a hero's death, though I'd say the same for any of the rebels.

Spartacus: Vengeance airs Friday at 10:00 p.m. ET on Starz.

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