The last clip we shared for the upcoming "Decimation" episode of Spartacus: War of the Damned gave us a glimpse of some of the violence ahead, and an interesting twist that followed. The latest clip from the episode also happens to take place within the walls of the city where Spartacus and his army are staying, but there's a bit less bloodshed in this one.

While Spartacus and his army prepare for their next Roman attack, it looks like Laeta is still busy squirreling away food for some of the prisoners inside the city. Below is a scene from this Friday's episode, which shows us Anna Hutchison's character as she (literally) bumps into one of the slaves.

The previously released promo shows Agron encouraging people to "prove you stand former slave and no friend to the Republic," and Naevia expressing doubt over how the slaves might react if there was a Roman above them. It makes me think that one of the bigger issues addressed on the Spartacus side of the story this week will involve encouraging the freed slaves to recognize their own freedom and refuse to side with the Romans. The above clip might be a hint of that as well as we see a former slave still reacting as a slave. Old habits die hard, I guess. Or bloody.

For a bit more action, you can watch the other clip for "Decimation" here. And check out the episode when it airs Friday at 9:00 p.m. ET on Starz.

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