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It looks like another big name filmmaker will be lending his talents to the small screen. Spike Lee will be joining the ranks of recent film-to-television directors that includes names like Martin Scorsese, Michael Mann and Frank Darabont (among many, many others). It seems Lee is teaming up with Entrouage creator Doug Ellin to bring a new boxing drama, loosely based on the life of Mike Tyson, to HBO.

Although this is not the first time Spike has worked with HBO (When the Levees Broke and If God Is Willing and Da Creek Don't Rise) it will mark his first time behind the camera for an actual television series as he's slated to direct the pilot for Da Brick. As Deadline reports:
The original germ of an idea for Da Brick came out of a meeting the two had on the set of the veteran comedy, which was inspired by Mark Wahlberg's early years in Hollywood. "That's when Mike asked me, why don't do with my life what we did with Mark's life," Ellin said.

The new boxing drama at HBO will be loosely based on Tyson's youth (and those who've seen the documentary Tyson know that 'boxing-drama' is only the half of it). The pilot, written by John Ridley, will explore the world of 'post-racial' America though the eyes of a young African-American boxer living in Newark, NJ (which apparently goes by the nickname 'Brick City'). And with the project now getting underway, the next big question will be, who to cast in the lead?