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If you’ve been hoping to get a chance to see Vincent Chase pal around Hollywood with his boys but you don’t have HBO, you’re in luck if you have Spike TV! The basic cable channel has acquired the rights to air all seasons to date (78 episodes) and next week, the first two episodes of season 1 will air.

Entourage follows Vinnie Chase (Adrian Grenier), an up-and-coming actor who moves from Queens to Hollywood, taking his brother and two best friends for the ride. Led by his agent Ari (Jeremy Piven), Vince works to build his acting career, while also taking plenty of time to enjoy the luxuries that come with being rich and famous. The comedy is very guy-centric, so the series should be a good fit on Spike TV. Below is a video montage of some of Turtle’s most amusing moments:

Entourage will being airing on SpikeTV with two back-to-back episodes on Tuesday January 12th at 9PM ET/8C.

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