Star Wars: Detours Trailer And Three More Clips

Robot Chicken creators Seth Green and and Matt Senreich are certainly familiar with George Lucas' famed Star Wars series, having already produced an animated parody of the saga for Adult Swim, but now the boys have teamed with the man himself for their latest foray into the science fiction universe. Given the full green light by Lucas, Green and Senreich have recruited animator Matt Grimes as well as a bunch of talented writers and voice-actors to finally delve into the day to day life of the iconic characters with the kid-friendly cartoon, Star Wars Detours.

Here's the trailer for the series which was released just last week, some might say "a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away..."

That's right. Not quite the edgy humor of the Adult Swim's Robot Chicken but definitely not the straightforward sci-fi action of The Cartoon Network's Clone Wars, Star Wars Detours will take a more sitcom-like approach to the ever expanding universe of Jedis, Siths and, yes, even Ewoks. As a fan of the Robot Chicken" Star Wars special, not to mention the show itself, I was pretty much sold on the idea of Green and Senreich continuing to explore the comedic side of the force and nothing shown there would possibly make me change my mind.

I actually like the over exaggerated and cartoonish character re-designs but I'm also not a purist or get all worked up whenever Lucas makes a tweak, so for those who think mining the franchise for more material is more than unnecessary, well, don't watch? And especially don't watch the grand total of six clips for the show on the Star Wars YouTube page! But before you head over to catch the first three, you can take a look at the latest below. First up is a clip called "Super Ace/Killer" and features the titular (tiny) stormtroopers trying to locate a bathroom during their shift on the Death Star.

Next, is a clip called "Greedo/Lando" and it features, you guessed it, Greedo and Lando Calrissian having a little altercation outside of Jabba's Palace. What? Lando should be flattered. And some of that dialogue is familiar.

Finally, we catch up with Jedi Master Obi-Wan being the lecherous old scoundrel we all remember in a clip titled "Harmony/Obi-Wan." Oh, he wasn't lecherous? Says you. Ask Luke how he feels. Anyway, it looks like the Master doesn't have the proper permits to be recruiting at the Coruscant job fair anyway.

As of yet, Star Wars Detours does not have a premiere date but will air on The Cartoon Network in 2013. "Welcome to Star Wars Detours: the other side of the stars, between the wars."