It's no secret Jay Leno has had problems with plenty of comedians. Ever since NBC fatefully went against Johnny Carson's wishes and chose him over Letterman as the next Tonight Show host, the two have been embroiled in a often mean-spirited bloodbath. Then more recently, there was the whole Conan O'Brien debacle where he switched timeslots and then returned, exiling the big redhead to cable, but most people forget there's perhaps even more animosity between Leno and Howard Stern. From stealing his announcer to lifting bits almost verbatim, Jay Leno has a long history of pilfering Stern's material, and the overwhelmingly popular King Of All Media still isn't pulling any punches.

According to The New York Post, Stern took Leno to task on Piers Morgan Tonight in a scathing interview that will be aired on Tuesday. Accusing him of stealing material and even calling him a crook, Stern lashed out at Jay Leno saying, “he's not fit to scrub David Letterman's fit.” Later, he even took the American public to task for choosing to watch Leno instead, arguing “they must be in a coma.”

Look: people are going to watch what they want to watch. Obviously, Jay Leno does fill some sort of idiotic demographic, but there's no questioning how obvious and unoriginal most of his material is. Is some of it stolen? Yes. That's not even a debate. His chicken predictions were lifted directly from a long-term Stern bit, and just a few months ago, he was forced to admit a video he showed was stolen without edit from FourFour. Stern is just saying what plenty of people are thinking. Sadly, it's very unlikely any of this will have any effect on Leno's ratings, but hopefully, it at least makes you think.

The full interview will air on Piers Morgan Tonight on Tuesday on CNN at 9PM.

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