Steve Carell will be leaving The Office at the end of this season, a departure that's presumably left NBC in a panic as they contemplate the fate of one of their only hit shows without the lead actor who made it so popular. I'm personally looking forward to seeing what kind of creativity we'll see out of a Michael Scott-free Office, and now NBC can look forward to smoething else-- another Steve Carell show.

Granted, he's not planning to star in another series, but Deadline reports that he is developing a half-hour comedy based on his own experiences working as a mailman in small-town Masachusetts. The show is tentatively called The Post-Graduate Project, and will star a character based on Carell in his 20s, presumably working at the post office until he figures out what he actually wants to do. Carell will write and executive produce, but you can probably count on his on-screen appearances to be nothing more than cameos, if anything.

It's going to be really interesting to watch Carell's career post-Office, since he's only been a big star since that show's been on the air. His immediate return to TV, even just as a writer, may suggest he's not necessarily eyeing more giant movies like Get Smart or Evan Almighty, but a career on the smaller screen that he's better able to manage. Given how talented Carell is, it's good to see that he's just as canny about where he's taking his career.

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