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Did Steve Carell make a disguised appearance on The Office last week? A quick glimpse at one of the tables of trivia competitors reveals a man that may very well the former king of Dunder Mifflin Scranton, disguised behind a beard. Is it really him?

E! Online shared what some observant Office fans likely noticed previously. Last Thursday’s episode, titled “Trivia” had the Scranton branch headed to Philadelphia for a trivia competition. They were split up in groups around the bar and competing against other people, among which may have been Steve Carell. Check out the photo below and the video and tell me that guy in the beard doesn’t look remarkably similar to Michael Scott?

So, is it a Carell look-alike? Or did Michael Scott decide to grow a beard now that he’s off living it up in the mountains of Colorado with Holly? From what E! reports, no one will confirm officially that it’s Carell in the beard, which only makes the whole thing more mysterious and amusing.