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Steve Carell Talks To Ellen About Leaving The Office

This Tuesday, Steve Carell is set to appear on Ellen and among the topics of discussion is Carell’s departure from his starring role in NBC’s The Office. Read on to see some of what Carell had to say on leaving and his replacement.

Carell told Ellen that he still has seven more episodes to film for The Office and from the sound of it, he still doesn’t know who is going to step in to fill the void left by his character, Michael Scott. Either that, or he’s just not saying. Here’s part of a transcript from the conversation.

Steve: I honestly don't know what they're going to do. There are various ideas. It's funny. The producers have, time to time, thrown names out there to screw people up.Ellen: Oh, really?Steve: Yeah. They'll just put anybody. They'll just start naming [people}. Colin Powell, I think is going to be the next Michael Scott. And people jump on it and don't see the irony at all.Ellen: Maybe they're testing it to see what people are going to respond to the most. If there's a name that people really kind of hold on to.Steve: Yeah, that's true.Ellen: Don't you have an idea? Do you have somebody or like a few people that you think would be great to replace you?Steve: You know what. I'm leaving that to the producers. I think it would be in their best interest just to sort of go in a different direction and not try to do the same type of character.Ellen: I agree.

I agree too! I don’t think anyone can truly fill Michael Scott’s shoes, so the show would probably be better off taking it in another direction entirely.

Catch the full interview between Steve Carell and Ellen on The Ellen Degeneres Show this Tuesday (December 14th).

Kelly West
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