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Summer TV Preview: Murder On Spike TV

After watching so many crime investigation shows, many people probably think solving tough-to-crack cases would be a breeze if they were a homicide detective. Well now a group of people will have that opportunity in a new reality series called ‘Murder,’ set to air later this month.

Hosted by Detective Tommy Le Noir, this new Bunim-Murray reality series well focus on two teams of people as they attempt to crack real murder mysteries in less than 48 hours. They will be shown re-created crime scenes as well as a list of potential suspects and access to the interrogation tapes, the original autopsy report and a meeting with the coroner. They’ll pretty much have all of the information the original detectives had when they initially did the investigation. They have 2 days to complete the investigation and then come up with who murdered the victim and how they did it.

’Murder’ will air on Spike TV on Tuesday, July 31 at 10:00 p.m.

Kelly West
Kelly West

Kelly joined CinemaBlend as a freelance TV news writer in 2006 and went on to serve as the site’s TV Editor before moving over to other roles on the site. At present, she’s an Assistant Managing Editor who spends much of her time brainstorming and editing feature content on the site.