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Tomorrow is the big day people. Friends visiting, big screen TVs, and the all important game. That game is: Who Has The Best Ad? The answer has already been given with girls making out with veggies in the banned PETA spot. But who’ll have the second best? Probably everyone since the ads at the Super Bowl have become very lackluster in recent years. I should know because it’s been almost a decade since I cared about the actual game, which means I’m there for the food, beer, and commercials.

You want proof that things haven’t been good lately? Scroll down to the handful of advertisements that aired during last year’s Super Bowl. See how uninteresting they are? Add to that NBC saying there were still slots available for purchase in the week leading up to the big game this year and it’s clear companies don’t care as much, nor do they have the surplus revenue to splurge on exorbitant ad pricing. And by the way the Cash for Gold scammers – I mean businessmen – have purchased a slot during the Super Bowl. This means all of you football fans will be able to trade in your gold chains for cash. I’m so glad I kept my collection of chains that would make Mr. T weep with envy.

OK, so watch the ads below from a year ago now.