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While there was no sign of Slimer, we did get a pretty cleverly crafted haunted hotel story out of this week's episode. I think I would have had just as much fun watching Sam and Dean squirm at a Supernatural convention, but the twists of the ghost story were pretty satisfying, even if it kind of whimpered out in the end.

The first time the show introduced the character of Chuck Shurley (the delightfully squirmy Rob Benedict) as the prophet turned author into the adventures and exploits of the brothers Winchest, I thought the whole conceit of the fiction within the fiction was handled just brilliantly. It's a literary device that too often seeks to deify the author, and comes off a little lame.

But creator Eric Kripke and his team of writers managed to have their cake and eat it, too, by having Chuck completely unaware that the fictional protagonists of his popular books were "real," so to speak. Since then, he's been a go-to character for his occasional prophetic visions and for his comedic timing.

Supernatural has always balanced the horror and comedy well, as any good horror series should. Adding to that comedic element, is Chuck's number one fan, Becky Rosen. Emily Perkins brings every bit of her Annie Wilkes best to the role, especially when she's lusting after Sam. In fact, it was her overzealous actions that brought the boys to the convention in the first place.

It was entertaining enough seeing all the convention nerds dressed up as various characters from Supernatural, but when they busted out the LARPing (Live Action Role-Play), it brought out the inner nerd in me. I've been to a few conventions in my day, and even did a little LARPing back in college. They captured the ridiculous-and-yet-still-fun aspect of that particular activity flawlessly.

But it was the twists and turns of the ghost story that kept me intrigued. It seemed so easy when the boys burned up mother dearest, but the revelation that it was the three boy ghosts who were the threat was nicely revealed. The problem was that the execution through the end was a little bit of a let-down. Maybe the writers didn't want to kill any of the convention-goers, except for the one guy who criticized Chuck's books, but there never seemed to be any real danger.

I get that this was a lighter episode, but everyone was safely in the conference room through all the danger, and Sam and Dean were completely overpowered by the little bastards. In fact it was only their LARPing counterpats, Fat Dean and Skinny Sam, that were able to save their asses by burning the skeletons of the little kids.

I was left wondering about the scalped little boy. Why wasn't he mad that the boys had killed his mother, the woman who'd been protecting him and everyone from the three little hellions? And why was his ghost left to haunt the hotel? Was he deemed harmless enough to leave well enough alone.

Of course, all of this was just to give us a lead on where the Colt might be now, as Becky mentioned that Crowley had it. How would Becky know? She read the books. You'd think that Sam and Dean would have by now as well, to see if there were any clues in there. Chuck is a prophet after all. And what the hell else do they do during those hours and hours on the road?

In the end, after a moment of bravery by Chuck, Becky came full circle and is officially now the Annie Wilkes to Chuck's Paul Sheldon. I'm sure she's planning how to kidnap him and take care of him so he can at least write future Supernatural books just for her, since Sam and Dean say he can't write them anymore. So all's well that ends well ... I guess.