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TV's John Connor talks About Continuity, Robot Love

Tons of Heroes fans had fun trying to figure out the true sexuality of Thomas Dekker's recurring character Zach. This Sunday, I'm looking forward to finding out whether or not the young actor makes a credible John Connor on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Crave Online just posted an interview with Dekker where he reveals that: Yes, the Fox series will break the continuity of the film franchise, the series won't be all action, Summer Glau is definitely playing a super hot cyborg, and John Connor wants to get it on with the super hot Summer Glau cyborg.

On breaking the continuity of the films, Dekker says that his series won't give us a revisionist history of the first two Terminators, but it will mess with the Terminator 3 storyline, since the series takes place after Terminator 2 and before T3.

"We're really trying to stay true to the first two films. We come in before T3 supposedly happened so we're kind of changing the fate of that one. We're very open about that. It's not following those guidelines but we really tried to stay true to the mythology of the first two films," Dekker told Crave.

On the robot love front, Dekker admits his John Connor will have a very different kind of relationship with his cyborg protector in the series than he did with the Arnoldbot.

"There is a definite chemistry between Cameron and John but that technically shouldn't be possible and that's blurring the line between human and robot. ... I think he's already attracted to her. ... There's an interesting dynamic developing between them because they both have this adoration for each other because she's what keeps him alive every day and he's her reason for being. So there's a nice nonsexual thing that I think is evolving between them which dealing with teenagers in TV, that's very rare," Dekker said.

Dekker also talks about his interpretation of John Connor as a teenager with the weight of the world on his shoulders, something we haven't seen depicted in any of the films. It sounds like the TV John will have Eddie Furlong's teenage T2 looks and Nick Stahl's T3 angst.

[[ br. ]] "John is a bit of a volatile character. He's a little brash. ... The thing I'm trying to add is that I think at this point in the story, he's a little more repressed. He's having to keep his head down a lot more because before in the film, he wasn't hiding. Now he's hiding. He's hiding from the police. He's hiding from the terminators. He's hiding from his future. There's a lot more angst and he's a lot more pensive," he told Crave.

The young actor also told Crave that audiences shouldn't necessarily expect a bunch of chase scenes every week, but the series will have decent action and the "heart" of the Terminator films. I'm looking forward to catching the premiere episode Sunday, Jan. 13 and Monday, Jan. 14 on Fox. I'm also interested to find out if the upcoming Terminator Salvation film franchise will take its lead from T3 or the series.