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Ok, on one hand, I kind of get where Tom Zarek is coming from. I mean, these people have been running from the Cylons for years and now all of a sudden they’re supposed to be BFF’s with some of them? On the other hand, is now really the best time for a revolution? If the Cylons wanted to take over or kill them, wouldn’t they have done it by now? It’s not exactly like the human race is at its best in terms of the government and morale. Ok, we’re getting ahead of ourselves here. Let’s break it down a bit, shall we?

“Maybe you’d like a chart to keep it all straight” – Tigh

It seems pretty evident that Tigh knows where his loyalties lie. When he’s not cooing over his and Six’s unborn baby, he’s standing firmly at Adama’s side. It’s comforting to see that these two are back to normal, despite Tigh’s Cylonicity. With everything else up in the air, I’m happy to see the Tigh-Dama bromance back to its usual groove. Tyrol, on the other hand, seems a bit iffy on where he belongs. He keeps getting his us, you’s and thems all mixed up. It’s clear he still feels a closeness with the human race but knowing now that he’s a Cylon, he knows he’s not really on Team Human anymore.

“Maybe today is all we have left. Maybe I’ve earned the right to live a little, before I die.” - Roslin

Roslin’s over being president. She doesn’t want to go to work, she just wants to bang on her drum all day. Or do yoga and run around the ship getting sweaty. Adama tries to convince her that the fleet needs her now but she explains that she’s tired of it and just wants to enjoy what’s left of life while she can. Adama has a hard time arguing with that and the two end up naked in bed together at the end of the episode, snuggling as they shrug off their other problems.

“You know, there are days that I really hate this job” – Bill Adama

The Cylons want to trade a substantial upgrade to the fleets jump drives in exchange for citizenship with the humans. They know that if Adama consents to bring on the allied Cylons as full citizens of the fleet, they’ll truly be united and they’re willing to offer some of their technological advancements in exchange. The problem is, the people aren’t really on board with making an official alliance with the Cylons. Tom Zareck, who can smell political unrest a mile away steps up to give a big showy speech to the Quorum, convincing everyone that it’s wrong to make the fleet accept the Cylons. They vote to give each ship’s captain permission to refuse any Cylon the right to board their ship. The new rule is put to the test when there’s an uprising on the Tilliam ship. When Athena tries to board the ship, Zareck, who’s chilling out in Roslin’s chair on Colonial One gives them to go ahead to jump away, which they do, leaving the fleet without fuel.

Adama sends Athena to get Zareck and he puts him in the brig. He threatens Zareck with a file full of dirty laundry and forces him to give up the location of the ship. Zareck gives in but he’s far from done with his little revolution.

“Is this how you get your kicks these days? Oh, wait… I’m sorry, I meant half-kicks” - Kara

Gaeta goes to give Kara crap about being married to a Cylon. Kara responds back with a lot of cracks about Gaeta being a cripple. We can see that Gaeta’s at the end of his idealistic rope. He’s done with the Cylons. Some of this is likely to be attributed to his experience in the recent webseries. He has no trust left in the Cylons and isn’t going to go along with any alliance that’s proposed. We see Gaeta at the end of the episode agreeing to partner with Zareck to help put the world right-side up. What world? I don’t know. Whatever to Gaeta for signing up for Zareck’s army but he does get points for his crack at Kara as she walked away from him: “So I guess a pity-frak’s out of the question?”

“Perhaps it is god who should come down here and beg for our forgiveness,” – Baltar

Where’s Baltar? Still leading his cult. He’s spinning the recent happenings with earth and the Cylons and making sure his people feel rightfully wronged. When a fight breaks out, he sits back, smoking a cig and enjoying the mayhem.

Hot Dog, you dog!

The second Cottle revealed that Tyrol wasn’t Nicky’s father, I knew it was Hot Dog. Why? I thought to myself, who is the most random male character we know and Hot Dog’s face popped into mind immediately. Apparently, Callie was getting down with the Dog before she married Tyrol and nine months later, out came baby Hot Dog. Cottle kept this from Tyrol but since Nicky’s suffering from acute renal failure, he finally offered up the information. Tyrol threw down with Hot Dog and then set the guy down next to Nicky at his hospital bed, telling him to watch the kid while he goes off and gets drunk.

And that about covers this week’s episode. Nothing too exciting except the big Nicky reveal, Baltar’s return and of course, the potential revolution between the people who want to ally with the Cylons and the ones who just want to take their ball and go home. Guess we’ll have to wait and see how successful Gaeta is in co-leading the revolution. Also, on a random sidenote, can someone trim down Lee's hair? It's getting huge.