TV Recap: Friday Night Lights - Keeping Up Appearances

Quick question before we get started: Am I the only one who watches this show and is totally reminded of George Michael Bluth whenever JD McCoy is on the screen? Okay, just checking.

JD gets his big shot this episode as the Panther's new QB1. It's so big in fact, that it knocks Matt Seracen completely out of the episode. You even see a shot of Julie in the stands during the game, but Seracen does not get a single frame this week, which was really weird. In fact, this week's episode is all about the B-list, with more screentime devoted to Buddy Garrity than I would have thought necessary. But first, let's talk about football.

Even though it's JD's big day, his dad is trying to make it all about him and his football legacy. While we don't actually find out that he beats JD, if that comes as a reveal in another episode or two, I don't think anyone is going to be that surprised. At the very least, he's one of those horribly annoying sports parents who show up at practices and outside the locker room during the games just so they can let their kid know how much he's screwing up. He's pretty much a douche, and while Coach Taylor does a pretty good job of running interference (see what I did there?), he can't be around all of the time.

After JD's nerves got to him in the first half of the game, he came back to throw a 50 yard pass to help the Panthers win. Unfortunately for him, his dad was already so disgusted with his performance that he went home to sulk, leaving JD's mother to be the one to congratulate him and take him home after the game.

In other Panther news, Landry is in a (really horrible) cover band with a dark-haired Mira Sorvino lookalike. He's trying hard to get over Tyra stomping all over his heart, and naturally tries to do so by making out with his bandmate. Unfortunately, the Mira Sorvino lookalike is a lesbian, and even though she kissed Landry back when he made his move, she doesn't like boys.

This leads poor Landry in a bit of an awkward spot, since he kind of jumped the gun and went and told Tyra that he's moved on with a hot new girl and is totally over her. It's going to be a little uncomfortable next time Tyra asks about his new girlfriend or wants to double date or something.

I still hate how the Landry/Tyra storyline played out. I really think we were cheated. After watching him pine over her and enduring the ridiculous murder plot last season, they finally get together, only to have the season end early due to the writers' strike. By the time they come back, they're already broken up and we get totally gypped.

Basically the only relationship that still seems to be going strong (besides the Taylors, of course) is Lila and Tim. Tim is a busy guy. They're still trying to flip Buddy's house, and while nobody thinks they're going to be able to get the $295,000 that Jason is insistent on asking for, he refuses to lower the price. They are also not helped by Billy completely creeping out all of the potential buyers. They must have put a muzzle on him at some point, because they actually do manage to get an offer, so it doesn't look like they'll be on the hook for that mortgage.

It doesn't look as though Street is going to have a career flipping houses, however. At the game, he runs into a former teammate who is getting ready to go pro. The guy's soon-to-be agent is with him, and gives Jason the bright idea to have a new career as a sport agent. It's a good idea, but it's kind of weird that no one ever thought of it before. Isn't it kind of a natural career for an ex-athlete? Anyway, next week is going to be Street's last episode, as he's going to New York to chase his dream.

Street isn't the only one trying to do bigger and better things. Riggins has been getting some interest from colleges, which no one ever thought he had a chance at. Billy wants to capitalize on this, so he enlists Street to help him make a highlight video to show to recruiters. It turns out pretty well, so it looks as though Riggins has a good chance of doing a little bit more with his life than his brother did.

We spent a lot of time with the Garrity's in this episode as well, and I didn't like it. One of the format changes that I liked about this season was that they got rid of most of the Garrity's. Lila and Buddy are the only important ones, so now that the divorce storyline is done, we don't really need to see the ex-wife or the other kids. So I have no idea why the two younger Garrity's came back this episode.

Buddy tried to have a nice family camping trip, but predictably, his younger children were all bratty “I'm a vegan” this, and “give me money,” that. Buddy got fed up, and not even Lila could keep the peace. Of course, Panthers Football is the great equalizer, and after the family attends the game together, everyone is all in love again and excited about going to get sundaes.

I don't know if they pay Matt Seracen more or what the deal is, but this was a really weird episode for me. It was really just a lot of, “hey, we've been caught up in some drama, so let's see what kind of boring crap everyone else has been up to. I never realized how much Matt and Julie drove the story until they weren't there. In my mind, they spent the entire episode making out somewhere. I just hope they'll be done by next Friday.