And with that, season 2 of Heroes is over. Tonight’s episode of Heroes, titled “Powerless” closed out the second volume of the story. In a way, I’m kind of glad that the writers strike caused this season to get cut short. Like so many other second seasons of series past, this season of Heroes just wasn’t living up to the first one so its all for the best. If there’s one good thing that came out of this season, it’s the addition of Elle, Adam and Monica.

As promised, two of the heroes were killed off in this week’s episode. And as a bonus, one was left trapped in a coffin, though I highly doubt we’ve seen the last of him. We all knew Angela Petrelli was the ruthless type so I can’t say that I was all that surprised to see that she was in some way involved in her son’s assassination but Hiro – I didn’t know he had it in him! Not only did he manage to exact revenge on the man who killed his father but trapping him in a coffin, buried six feet under? Damn. Adam will likely have a lot of time to think about things (as well as plot his revenge and curse himself for not being able to die) while he lies to rest underground.

Let’s start with the deaths and work our way around to the other characters. Niki died saving Monica from a burning building. There isn’t much else to say about that. She was waiting for Mohinder to show up with the cure to the Shanti virus when Micah burst into the house to tell his mom what happened to Monica. She agreed to go help rescue her. Monica was being held captive by the arsonist that stole Micah’s backpack. Micah figures out where Monica is being held by using his power to track the GPS thingy in her phone. He and Niki arrive at the building just after the bad-guy set fire to the place. Niki beat the guy up, rushed in and got Monica out. The building blew up before she was able to escape, herself. R.I.P. Niki.

Nathan met his demise when attempting to do what Claire was planning to do until her father talked her out of it. Matt found out that Adam killed Victoria and that Peter was involved. He tells Nathan this but there’s no time to celebrate the fact that Peter is alive. Nathan’s mother is there and explains about how Adam wanted to set the virus loose to destroy mankind. Apparently he wasn’t alone in the belief that humans would be better off dead.

After Nathan heads out the door, Angela tells Matt to kill Adam and if it comes to it, to kill Peter too. The two fly off to Odessa to stop Adam and Peter from getting the virus. I think the scene where Matt climbs off Nathan’s back and Nathan stretches was the first time I’ve ever laughed out loud during Heroes. Hiro sees them arrive (“Flying man!!”) and the three head into Primatech. Hiro was already in there earlier when he tried to stop Peter and Adam on his own but he was no match for Peter and ended up flat on his back, with Adam stealing his sword.

Peter is just about done using his mind-mojo to get the vault containing the virus open when Matt, Nathan and Hiro show up. Hiro heads into the vault after Adam while Matt tries to mentally force Peter to realize that Adam’s up to no good. Since Peter has Matt’s power, he fights it off and it is only until Nathan starts to reason with him that he’s able to listen to sense. By then, Adam and Hiro are in the throws of a showdown in the vault. Hiro grabs Adam and they disappear as the vial containing the virus falls to the floor. Peter runs in, slows down time and catches it. We learn later that Hiro took Adam back to Japan and buried him alive. Despite what Hiro thinks, it’s highly unlikely (I hope!) that we’ve seen the last of Adam.

Nathan, Peter and Matt decide that the best way to deal with a place as dangerous as the company is to go public with everything. Matt convinces the press to gather to hear Nathan out. At the press conference, Nathan starts talking about extraordinary people and the people who are trying to cover up the truth. We see a cheesy montage of scenes from seasons 1 and 2 involving the heroes being heroes. Just as he’s about to tell the press that he can fly, someone shoots him multiple times in the chest. RIP Nathan. And then it cuts to Angela Petrelli tearfully watching what just happened to Nathan on TV. She’s on the phone with someone and talking about how it was necessary but that this has opened Pandora’s box.

While all of that is happening, Claire is preparing to pack up and go public with her abilities. When Bob finds out about this, he punishes Elle for threatening Claire and causing her to want to out herself (and expose the company). Elle begs her father to forgive her. It’s kind of amusing to see her behaving exactly as Claire might just after she put Claire down for her weepy earnestness. Bob’s not hearing it. His disappointment in his daughter is evident and this doesn’t go unnoticed by Elle. She heads to visit Noah in his cell and asks him to tell her more about what her dad did to her when she was younger. He eventually complies after she begs him and talks about how her father urged them all to push Elle to the limit when she was seven. They tested her so much that she often passed out from the pain of it.

Bob comes in and Elle leaves. He makes a deal with Noah to let him see his family if he can go talk Claire out of going public. He agrees, goes home, reunites with his family, briefly explains how he’s alive and then urges Claire to keep her mouth shut. Then he goes back to the facility with Bob.

Meanwhile, Elle is intent on proving to her father that she’s not a screw-up. She checks out the Company’s video surveillance and finds Sylar holding Mohinder (who caught up to them), Maya (who finally figured out that Sylar’s evil) and Molly captive while he forces Mohinder to cure him. Apparently Sylar has the Shanti virus as well, which explains why he can’t use any of his powers.

While Mohinder is working, Molly and Maya are bonding. Maya gets to talking about Alejandro, which causes Molly to offer to help find him and let her know that he’s safe. She does her little search-trick but can’t find him. When she tells Maya that Alejandro isn’t anywhere, Maya quickly deduces that Sylar must have killed him. She starts screaming at Sylar, who promptly turns around and shoots her. Just then, Elle shows up and tries to zap Sylar. He shoots at her a few times, grabs the Shanti-cure that Mohinder had with him the whole time and takes off. Mohinder uses the sample of Claire’s blood to heal Maya (damnit!).

Elle is disappointed that she let Sylar get away but Mohinder points out that she saved all of their lives. She was so busy trying to please her father that doing something good hadn’t even occurred to her. Perhaps this little bit of heroism is just what Elle needs to finally realize that she’s more than just her father’s lab rat.

The episode ends with the beginning of Volume 3: Villains: Sylar is in an alley; scraped and bruised from the brief beating he took from Elle. He injects himself with the cure and then tests his abilities by trying to get an old spinach can to fly into his handle. He struggles for a bit and sure enough, the cure worked and he’s able to get the can. Sylar is back!

Overall season 2 was just “eh” for me but like I said, it introduced a few new heroes to the story, most of which I’m eager to see more of in the next season. I can’t say I care all that much about West. Maya irritates me to no end but maybe they’ll find a good use for her next season.

Who is Your Favorite New Hero?

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