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TV Recap: Heroes- Chapter 3: Kindred

This past episode of Heroes was awesome. Slowly but surely everything is coming together. There are still a lot of open ended story lines, like how did D.L. die? But I can see how little by little our heroes will come together to deliver us something phenomenal. I think I’m jumping the gun a bit; let us just stick to this week. There were a couple of hook-ups, Suresh came home, and Sylar of course is alive and chillin in the middle of nowhere.

Claire and West finally confide in each in each other and hook up. How sweet. I wish I could find someone who could bring me on a location date without going through security check. It was really beautiful, but what sucks for Claire is that her father is the creepy dude that’s haunts West’s dreams. I gather he won’t be coming over for dinner anytime soon.

Peter helps the criminal yet very cool Irish gang steal some money so he can find out what is in the box. He helps steal the money but then decides he doesn’t want to know what is in the box. Doesn’t he care about my feelings! I guess he would rather hook-up with that cute Irish girl and live out some fantasy. I’ll be patient, he’ll be curious to know why his freshly applied tattoo disappeared. Did anyone else notice that before it vanished that it first turned into that double helix symbol! Interesting.

Sylar is back! And he seems nastier than ever. He is such a bastard and I seriously hope that someone tortures and kills him on the show because I just can’t stand him. Did he really have to kill the hot chick that turned out to be fat last night? She was helping him! He is such an arrogant, selfish, spoiled, hedonistic, obtuse, lewd and egotistical… person (now just put the first letter of every word together and you’ll understand what I mean). Even though she was kind of evil he didn’t have to smash her skull in. I guess we wouldn’t have known he couldn’t absorb powers if he didn’t kill her. But I felt bad. And where the hell is he. It seems all the characters this season are lost and or separated.

Finally Suresh comes home! Molly is so happy to see him but Matt is concerned that his double life will somehow harm them. I have to agree, Suresh is putting himself in a bad spot. The paper company people are watching his every move. What is bothering me most is that Suresh is freely living with Matt and Molly as well as keeping in contact with Mr. Bennet and the paper company doesn’t seem to know. To me that doesn’t make sense. These people seem to know everything. I think they are setting Suresh up for a trap and it might have to do with the painting he found of poor Mr. Bennet. And what is Niki doing? She should not trust these people.

Next week I hope they spill some beans on the story behind Mr. Nakamura death and Mrs. Petrelli’s encounter with the invisible monster. It is really keeping me in suspense because now I’m kind of confused about what is going on. It seems to me that humans possessing these special powers have been around since the 17th century as Hiro has discovered. So, was a secret society developed over time as more and more people developed powers? Was this secret society created to stop them or help them… or both. I’m sure we are all curious to find out some of these answers. They don’t have to tell us everything next week, but what I’m most curious about is who the hooded figure is. I just hope the answer isn’t disappointing. I hate it when shows drop the ball on things like that.