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TV Recap: Heroes - Chapter 4 The Kindness of Strangers

There was a lot of brotherly love going this week on Heroes. In honor of the title of this week’s episode I wanted to decipher which of our heroes showed real kindness to strangers. I have picked the top three, I decided to leave Micah out of it because I think stealing cable is wrong. So here we go!

First we have West. Even though he and Claire have hung out a couple of times I think we can still consider him a stranger because Claire hasn’t really opened up to him yet. In any event, he was really kind to Claire. He took her on a nice date, he caught her after she jumped off of the Hollywood sign and he whispered sweet nothings into her ear. All in all, I would say he was a pretty kind stranger. That said, I’m not too sure how kind he will be once he finds out about Claire’s dad. If the painting is any indication he won’t be too happy. But then again, how does Mr. Bennet know that the boy in the picture has anything to do with his death… maybe West and Claire just find him.

Our next candidate this week is Sylar who was found dying on a dirt road by Maya and Alejandro. You might be thinking why aren’t the twins up for consideration this week? I don’t think helping a dying man in the middle of the road is an extreme case of kindness because I do it all the time. It was still kind of nice but Sylar was even nicer. Even after finding out that the twins were murderers he still decided to help them find Dr. Suresh. Yeah I know he is dead and everything and Sylar is probably going to try and kill them and steal their powers but we all know it is extremely hard to get over the border these days. I watch the news and hear the horror stories. The border patrol could potentially kill them on sight. I think what he is offering to do is brave and selfless act.

Last but not least our favorite mind reading detective Matt Parkman. Matt has been through a lot this episode. After reading Angie Petrelli’s mind and finding out that she really didn’t kill Nakumura and not heading her warning of, “Let it go”, he still finds it in him to go on with the investigation to prove her innocence. Then while going through family photos of the Petrelli’s he opens up to Nathan about his wife leaving him and having an affair. Then he finds out that his dad might have been part of Angie’s secret society after seeing their club photo and then on top of that he finds out that his father is also the man who haunts Molly’s dreams. How much more can the man take? I guess he can take one more hit. Because Parkman was so determined to find his daddy, Molly is now stuck in her own subconscious. But as we all know war is sacrifice and Molly had to take one for the team.

What a tangled web our heroes weave. Somehow they are all connected in some messy way and I know Angie knows the answer but I think it is going to be Parkman who figures it all out. That is why Parkman is this week’s winner of the kindest stranger. Why? You ask, because Matt is selflessly sacrificing everyone around him to find out the answers to all his questions. Hopefully he puts some more pieces to the puzzle together next week because I’m getting a little antsy.