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TV Recap: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles – The Demon Hand

Remember the terminator hand and chip from the second Terminator movie? As I recall, those were recovered from first Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) after he was crushed in the stamping machine. He was trying to reach through the safety gate to get to Sarah, but she hit the switch and he got crushed. But the hand and damaged chip were recovered by the FBI.

But in the movie, didn’t John Connor throw that hand in the vat of molten metal that they lowered the good terminator into in the second movie?

Anyway, tonight’s episode revolves around that hand. Sarah goes looking for it to thwart CyberDyne’s attempts to build Skynet with the hand and chip. What she doesn’t know is that FBI agent James Ellison HAS the hand.

Ellison takes the hand and goes to see Dr. Silverman (the psych doctor from the insane asylum where Sarah was held), who’s living in a cabin in the woods now, positive that Sarah’s story is true (because he saw the terminator).

But the paranoid doc thinks Ellison is a terminator. “You’re from the future,” he says. “You’re one of them.” The doc ends up drugging Ellison and torching the house with him in it. But Sarah shows up just in time to drag Ellison out of the house, punch the doc out after he tries to apologize (“I’m sorry I ever doubted you,” he tells her. Whack! “Apology accepted,” she says), and make off with the hand. She's later shown destroying the hand with a blow torch (which probably wouldn't work, right?)

In her search, Sarah also broke into Ellison’s house and stole the video of her in the asylum – the one where she’s ranting about the machines coming back from the future to kill everyone. She’s no Linda Hamilton, but she does a pretty good job of it. Those are big shoes to fill.

Back at their house, John finds the tape and watches it, seeing the on-tape Sarah relinquishing her parental rights to him. He’s miffed about that, but later, she tells him she knew she’d made a mistake and was planning to break out and come find him – just as he was breaking in to come find her.

Meanwhile, Cameron’s search for the Turk leads her to a Russian guy who was paid to steal it. She wrangles the info out of him, then leaves, just as the bad guys come in and kill the Russian and his sister – even though Cameron had offered to save them. Oh, she’s cold, as she heads down the stairs with gunshots and screams in the background.

I think Derek’s right about her. She can’t be trusted. “You might have fooled them, but not me,” he tells her. “I know you.” And she responds with, “I know you, too.”

Two-hour season finale next week.