Jurassic Fight Club - Season 1
Created By: Andy Breckman

Premieres: Tuesday, July 29, 2008 at 9:00 p.m. ET on the History Channel

Scientists are still studying the dinosaurs, trying to figure out what made them tick. How did they behave? What was their thinking process? How do they compare with animals of today? Naturally, as technology in the field of forensics improves, scientists are able to find more solid answers to some of these questions. Jurassic Fight Club gives us a glimpse into the cutting-edge forensics that are allowing scientists to make new discoveries about dinosaurs.

The series follows the scientists as they look at CAT scans of fossils to try to get an idea of the dinosaurs’ true nature, behavior and thought processes. The episodes are inspired by recent paleontological findings. In the series premiere, we learn about the Majungatholus, a dinosaur that according to scientific findings, may have had a cannibalistic nature. Based on what the scientists have discovered in examining the bones of the majungatholus, it appears that in one instance, a potential mate turned into a deadly foe when trying to protect her young.

With words like “majungatholus” getting thrown around left and right, you might think a show like this would be hard to follow but History does a great job of breaking down the science for us and illustrating their ideas with excellent animated visuals. So not only are we being told how things might have happened in a sort of crime-scene-investigation kind of way, we also get a visually stunning reenactment of how it all could have taken place.

A series like this is probably going to take a vague interest in dinosaurs for viewers to want to tune in but if you’re a fan of filling your brain with dinosaur facts and big words like Deinonychus (that’s Die-no-nie-cus) this is the show for you. It seems that the History Channel has set out to make the subject of dinosaurs interesting again and in that sense, it succeeds. Even if you’ve grown past that dinosaur phase you went through as a kid, this series intertwines education with entertainment nicely making it a series worth checking out.

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