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Fox's description for their upcoming dating series Take Me Out doesn't exactly create a vivid mental picture of how the show will work. We know there are men, women and lights being used to indicate interest or rejection. This promo for the series gives us a glimpse of how all three things tie together in what could be a fun new summer show.

Set to premiere Thursday, June 7, Take Me Out is based on an international format, which has single people looking for their match based on common interests. We learned last month that George Lopez was signed on to host. The teaser below gives us a look at some of the contestants, as well as the format as we see we see the thirty women lined up in front of one man and using their lights to indicate if they're interested or not…

"You've reminded me of my dad." Not something a guy wants to hear, I'm sure.

Rest assured, the women don't get all the say in this game show. While it starts out with the females determining if they're interested in the man in front of them, the tables turn at some point as the man then gets to turn turn off the lights of the women he's not interested in, and asking the final two remaining women one last question before choosing the winner. The remaining women return for the next round. It seems like a fun show and well timed for the summer, when people are looking for lighter TV.

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