Terminator Films Could Tie In With Sarah Connor Chronicles

Those of us who got into Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles this season are still waiting to hear whether or not Fox has decided to pick it up for another season. While there hasn’t been any news on that as of late, there is news about the new Terminator movie and word is, there might be some tie-ins with the TV series if the show continues on for another season.

The news (or rather, “rumor”) about the movie is that Kyle Reese (played by Anton Yelchin) will be a “central character” in the films. Some fans expressed concerns (to put it mildly) over Yelchin playing the role of Reese because he’s so young. As Christian Bale (who will be playing John Connor) is 30-something, and Yelchin is a teenager, there’s a pretty substantial age difference between the two characters. I think a lot of people assumed that Connor and Reese were around the same age. While it may not have been specified in the films, the age difference between the two characters has already been addressed in the TV series.

In an episode of The Sarah Connor Chronicles, John Connor (who is in his mid-teens) witnesses Kyle Reese and his brother Derek playing in the park. Kyle is just a child (five or six years old). So if John is thirty in the movie and Kyle is ten years younger than him (plus or minus a couple of years), that pretty much lines up in terms of the TV show.

Anyway, unless you’re one of those Terminator purists who takes pleasure in nitpicking every minute detail of anything Terminator-related, you’re probably wondering what the age issue has to do with the TV show. Technically, nothing since as I said, the whole age thing has been firmly established on the show. But word is, if The Sarah Connor Chronicles does get a second season, there might be some tie-ins between the new Terminator films and the TV series. If that's the case, at least we know the age difference between Kyle and John won't be an issue.

As for how exactly the new films would connect to the series, we don’t know. But I wouldn’t mind seeing some character crossovers. I’m pretty sure it’s been referenced that Cameron (the terminator in the TV series that’s played by Summer Glau) interacted with future-John. So they might consider working her into the new films somehow. I’ve also been enjoying seeing the story of Kyle’s brother Derek unfold on the series. So maybe we’ll see him in the films.

At this point, I’m just hoping that Fox gives the series another season. And if they don’t, we’ll have to settle for getting closure from the new Terminator films.

Kelly West
Assistant Managing Editor

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