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The Only Time You'll Get To See Patrick Stewart As The Walking Dead's Negan

Negan, the ruthless leader of the Saviors, was the much-hyped villain of Season 6 on The Walking Dead. Fans finally got to see the comic book baddie in the season finale last month and while some found the ending disappointing, many fans praised Jeffrey Dean Morgan's (The Comedian from Watchmen) portrayal of the character. Maybe those who were displeased with the finale will find the Negan they always dreamed of this Instagram post.

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That’s Patrick Stewart, who you may know from his many roles such as Star Trek: The Next Generation or the X-Men films, holding Negan’s signature weapon Lucille, about to seemingly bludgeon Chris Hardwick to death. However, in typical Negan fashion, we never actually get to see him do it.

This post comes from Chris Hardwick’s Instagram account. Chris Hardwick hosts, among other things, the Walking Dead aftershow Talking Dead. He recently had Patrick Stewart as the feature guest of his successful podcast, the Nerdist. It looks like Hardwick is trying to have the best of both worlds and convinced Stewart to indulge in a little zombie apocalypse fun. His demented expression wielding that bat is more gleeful than anything that’s actually on The Walking Dead.


Negan first appeared in the comic books before finally making the transition to the popular television series. Rick and the residents of Alexandria had been hearing rumblings of Negan, an enigmatic leader of a gang of thugs, for most of the second half of Season 6. After killing off a few of his goons, Rick finally bit off more than he could chew when he and all the main characters were trapped by Negan, who promised that he would bash one of their heads in with his trusty bat. That was a promise fans will have to wait a few months before actually seeing.

Many fans were left baffled over the Season 6 finale, which didn’t really deliver any of its promises. Negan had a great introduction and Jeffrey Dean Morgan played him with excellent balance of menace, charisma, and swagger, but the show dropped the ball in terms of delivering a satisfying finale. Even if in a perfect dream world where Patrick Stewart (who proves in Green Room that he can play a violent psycho villain) played the character, it would still not have been enough to save the finale.

Negan will return to menace the group in The Walking Dead Season 7, which will air later this year in October.

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